Position Name Scientific Expertise Laboratory
Leaders Sébastien Bourdarie Radiation Belts ONERA
Sacha Brun Solar Physics/Heliophysics CEA
Aurélie Marchaudon Ionosphere/Magnetosphere IRAP
Alexis Rouillard Solar Physics/Heliophysics IRAP
Advisory Committee Frédéric Auchère Solar Physics/Heliophysics IAS
Mathieu Barthélémy Ionosphere/Magnetosphere IPAG
Carine Briand Heliosphere/Ionosphere LESIA
Pierre-Louis Blelly Ionosphere/Magnetosphere IRAP
Eric Buchlin Solar Physics/Heliophysics IAS
Aude Chambodut Geomagnetism Univ. Strasbourg
Pierdavide Coïsson Geomagnétism IPGP
Thierry Dudok de Wit Solar Physics/Heliophysics LPC2E
Vincent Maget Radiation Belts ONERA
Sophie Masson Solar Physics/Heliophysics LPP
Barbara Perri Solar Physics/Heliophysics CEA
Frédéric Pitout Ionosphere/Magnetosphere IRAP
Membres invités Kader Amsif CNES Head of Heliophysics CNES
Matthieu Kretzschmar President of the CNES Heliophysics Advisory Board LPC2E

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