Meetings between Academics and End Users

COMET / OFRAME meeting, October 15th

OFRAME and CNES (COMET) organized a day of exchanges and discussions between researchers and users of space weather, Toulouse.

A COMET ('Communities of Experts' meeting organised in partnership with CNES) focusing on the ionosphere and HF transmission. The purpose of this meeting is (1) to review the state of the art for tools and data products available to characterize the ionospheric environment and the impact of its perturbations on HF transmission, (2) to define the models and/or observations needed to better characterize HF transmission and (3) to consider how certain tools/models from basic research could meet end-users' needs.

Morning Program :

Afternoon Program :

All informations about OFRAME COMET are available on the official website. Download the program here. (THIS IS NOT WORKING ACTUALLY)

OFRAME Community Meetings

OFRAME : PNST meeting, October 16th

This day was for the entire PNST community and was intended to introduce ongoing activities, the ambitions of OFRAME and to interact with the scientific community.

Discussions :