Position Name Scientific Expertise Laboratory
Leaders Alexis Rouillard Solar wind/solar storms IRAP
Thierry Dudok de Wit Electromagnetic emissions LPC2E
Advisory committee Ludwig Klein Solar Energetic Particles LESIA
Nicole Vilmer Solar Flares LESIA
Aurélie Marchaudon Ionosphere CNRS
Pierre-Louis Blelly Ionosphere IRAP
Carine Briand Solar Wind/ionosphere LESIA
Jean Lilensten Ionosphere IPAG
Sébastien Bourdarie Radiation belts ONERA
Aude Chambodut Geomagnetism Univ. Strasbourg
Vincent Lesur Geomagnetism IPGP
Invited Members Kader Amsif Chief of heliophysics at CNES CNES
François Leblanc Scientific director of CNES-heliophysics
Representative of CNRS-INSU

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